Vegan Meatballs in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Food should always be as comforting as these vegan Meatballs in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce. The silky and decadent sauce flecked with rosemary and garlic envelopes the meatballs — and your tastebuds — with warm, savory flavor. Recipe can be gluten-free. This creamy vegan Meatballs in Mus

Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Cake Recipe with Step by step pictures. Cinnamon roll cake is super easy to make and gives you all the taste and flavour of the traditional cinnamon roll buns. This cake has a delicious crweam cheese frosting which goes perfectly well with it. Cinnamon roll cake is not only easy to

Vegan Creamed Spinach with Biscuit Topping

Vegan Creamed Spinach. Simple Creamy Delicious Spinach baked with non dairy cream and topped with herbed cheesy biscuit topping. Vegan Recipe. Can be Soy-free, Nut-free, Gluten-free.  Creamed Spinach makes for a delicious side in the holiday season. Spinach, kale or other greens cooked with here

Raw Banana Fry Recipe

Raw Banana Fry Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Vazhakkai Poriyal or Fry is an easy sidedish for rice. This raw banana roast is super easy to make and goes well with sambar rice or any sidedishes. This particular raw banana fry recipe is not even a recipe. You can try this fried raw banana̷

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies Recipe

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. White chocolate and cranberry is a match made in heaven. The sweetness of white chocolate goes well with tartness of cranberry. This is a perfect christmas cookie recipe. Christmas has started in yummy tummy aarthi kitchen.

Cheesy Monaco pizza bites recipe

Cheesy monaco pizza bites are perfect for kids after school snacks, for kitty parties or get together snack. Quick video recipe with step by step pictures. I came to know this idea about a long time back when Microwave oven cooking was new and emerging in households. Saw this idea in a TV cookery

Kerala Erachi Choru Recipe

Erachi Choru Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Kari Choru or Kari Soru Recipe is a keralan favorite. It is also called as Mutton Rice. You can substitute mutton with beef or chicken too. Kerala Erachi Choru Recipe is quite popular Recipe. In this Kari Choru Recipe rice and meat is cooked with to

Vegan Gluten free Zucchini Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta

Vegan Gluten free Zucchini Lasagna with creamy Tofu Herb Ricotta and Red Lentils! Grain-free, can be nut-free. 15 G of Protein. Can be made ahead. Soy-free option  Sometimes you need a hearty lasagna, all the layers and fix ins, but less the gluten! This Zucchini Lasagna fits right in. With laye

Sura Puttu Recipe

Sura Puttu Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Meen Puttu or Shark Puttu is a dry sidedish preparation which can be made in few minutes. Shark Puttu is a favorite recipe for many. Sura puttu recipe or meen puttu which is easy to make and taste just similar to scrambled eggs.Sura puttu goes well wi

Detox Water Recipe

Detox Water or Spa Water with Step by Step Pictures. Consuming detox water daily will not only make you refreshing but it adds lots of nutrients to your body and removes all the impurities from our body. Detox Water is a refreshing drink made using lemon, cucumber, mint and ginger. This detox wat

Banana flax berry smoothie recipe

Banana flax berry smoothie recipe, best way to include flax, chia and berries in your breakfast. With frozen banana, it makes a delicious one too. I had remaining berries froze after I used for my another smoothie. Also I always freeze banana when it is over ripen. This way, I used all of it for&

Whole Wheat Beetroot Cake Recipe

Whole Wheat Beetroot Cake with Step by Step Pictures. Whole Wheat Beetroot Blender Cake Recipe. Blender cakes are so popular. You can literally make this beetroot cake in a blender. Cake in a blender is fast to put together and gives you perfect texture. Whole wheat beetroot cake in a blender is

How to Make Coriander Powder at Home

How to Make Coriander Powder at Home. Making Coriander powder at home with step wise pictures. This is how you make fresh coriander powder from coriander seeds. Ever since i got my hamilton beach blender, i have been making spice powders at home. I am never ever buying store bought spices again.

Vegan Thai red curry recipe, Red curry without shrimp paste

Vegan Thai red curry recipe without shrimp paste from scratch with red curry paste recipe. Step by step pictures detailed post. During our trip to Bangkok, we used to have Thai curry for lunch. We stayed at Marriott Surawongse and the food is from in house Praya Kitchen. Earlier I have posted Gre

Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

You have to try My Creamy Vegan Scalloped Potatoes Recipe! No Dairy, No Nuts, No nutritional Yeast! in this Potato Gratin. Can be gluten-free and Soy-free. Oil-free option Lets make these Classic Scalloped Potatoes to add to the Thanksgiving menu! These Scalloped potatoes are Easy, use just a few

Sticky Chicken Meatballs Recipe

Sticky chicken meatballs recipe with step wise pictures. Sticky garlic meatballs make a great party recipe. You can stick a toothpick in the meatballs and serve it as appetizers. Sticky chicken meatsballs recipe is one of my favorite. This hardly takes few minutes to cook. The cool thing about th

Pirandai dosai recipe, Pirandai recipes

Pirandai dosai recipe is a nutritious breakfast with the goodness of adamant creeper which has loads of health benefits. Quick video, step by step pictures recipe. Pirandai dosai was on my to try list ever since mom and MIL told about it. In the beginning of this year (sigh, this year went too fa

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Recipe. Breaded Eggplant baked and served over spaghetti and chunky marinara, then topped with cashew mozzarella cream. Fancy and so Delicious! Vegan Soy-free Recipe. Nut-free option. Comfort food almost spells a loaded Eggplant Parmesan. Yes?! And it is easy enough to mak

Oats berry smoothie recipe, Smoothie ideas

Oats berry smoothie recipe with strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and chia seeds. Best way to include your everyday dose of fruit, fiber. I am so bad at taking fruits in my everyday diet and always wish to have it in any form. Just that I will not spend time to include fruits. Instead I crave for

Adhirasam Recipe – Adirasam Recipe

Adhirasam Recipe with step by step pictures. This is my first attempt on making adhirasam and it turned out near to perfect. If you love adhirasam. Then you will love my puran poli recipe as well. Adhirasam recipe is a traditional recipe. Adhirasam Recipe is made on special occasions like diwali,

Hariyali paneer tikka recipe, green paneer tikka

Hariyali paneer tikka recipe, tasty jazzed up paneer tikka with green chutney mixed to the marinade. With quick video, step by step pictures. I love paneer tikka’s smoky flavour when it is charred with butter inside tandoor. My new oven have grill mode with 250 deg C maximum temperature. I

Cardamom Maple Pecan Granola Recipe (No Oil)

Cardamom Maple Pecan Granola Recipe with Pumpkin Seeds. Use other spices of choice in this delicious granola with pumpkin or sunflower seeds. It makes a great gift. No Refined Sugar or oil. Vegan Gluten-free Recipe. Snacking can sometimes be the harder to figure out, compared to meals. Its the in

pumpkin bread | moist pumpkin bread | vegan pumpkin bread

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Gutti vankaya kura, Andra style brinjal

Gutti vankaya kura recipe with quick video, step by step photos. Brinjals stuffed with spice powder, cooked in peanut tamarind based gravy. I have not tasted gutti vankaya kura before. Being a brinjal fan, I was too tempted to try this recipe when it was forwarded by my BIL from his friend Smitha

Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Crust

Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Crust. Easy Mushroom Gravy Pot pie with mushrooms, cannellini or white beans, chard, topped with sliced sweet potato. Vegan Nut-free Recipe. Can be made gluten-free, Soy-free and oil-free   This pot pie brings together all my favorite flavors. Caramelized